Messages Overview

It's super easy to leave a message on a creator fan page. 

To leave a message, simply go to the creator's fan page and click on the "inbox" tab. There, you'll see a prompt letting you know what type of message the creator wants.

Please note, to leave a message, you'll need to login or create an account. Like most platforms, we require this to limit spam and abuse. We also do this to help you manage your messages and to receive replies from the creator.  

Here's a brief overview of the messages feature. 

Audio Messages

To leave an audio message, click on the "record" button. Simply follow the instructions to record and save your message. After you click save, we will automatically transcribe the message for you. If the transcription is wrong, you can edit the automated transcription.

Once you submit an audio message, the creator will get an email notification of your message.

You also have the option to select a better input source, if you have multiple mics attached to your device.

Text Messages

Some creators will give you the option to leave a text message. If this option is available, click the "text" button to leave a text message. You always have the option to edit the text message after you click submit. 

Once you submit a text message, the creator will get an email notification of your message.

Deleting Messages

If you don't like your message, feel free to delete it. 

Message Limits

We currently limit fan messages to 2 per day (24 hours). This is to help limit potential spam for creators. 


Fan page creators and their staff can reply to your message. Replies are not meant for other fans. This is to help encourage the connection between you and the creator. If you receive a reply to your message, you'll immediately get an email notification for the reply. 


Any fan can use the heart icon to like a message. To see who liked a message, click on the like count to a list of fans who liked a message. 

Message Tips

If the fan page creator has message tipping turned on, there will be a little dollar sign icon on every inbox message to accept tips. If you want to tip a message, click that tip icon to leave a tip. Select one of the suggested tips or enter your custom tip amount. 

When you leave a tip, the creator will be notified of the tip via email. 

Private Inboxes

Fan page creators have the option to set an inbox "private". This means that all fan messages will be hidden on the fan page. If you submit a message to a private inbox, only the creator and their staff will see your message in their inbox. 

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