Perks Overview

Some creators will offer perks on their fan page. Perks are things creators sell on their fan page. They typically include things like:

  • digital goods
  • ebooks
  • zoom calls
  • access to chat rooms
  • courses & workshops
  • downloads
  • one-on-one calls
  • episode shoutouts
  • etc.

Browse Perks

To view a list of perks, simply hit the "perks" tab on creator fan page. There, you can browse the creator's available perks and read more about them. 

Purchase Perks

When you're ready to purchase a perk, simply click the "get this perk" button.

After you pay for the perk, you'll be able to see the unlocked perk. Simply click the "view this perk" button the perk you purchased. You'll also receive a confirmation email, which give the details of your purchased perk. 

Refund and Issues

If you have a issue with your perk or want a refund, you'll have to contact the creator to help resolve the issue. Fanlist is purely a platform creators use to sell digital goods, so we make no guarantees on the promises or accuracy of the items creators sell on our platform. Unfortunately, we (Fanlist) will not be able to help resolve issues around your perks purchases. 

If you have an issue, you can try contacting the creator to help resolve your issue. Through our payment partner, Stripe, creators can potentially offer refund. But, refunds are totally at the discretion of the creator. Since Fanlist is a creator support platform, we generally believe fans are here to support creators and their "refunds" are not very common on Fanlist. 

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