Account Overview

Every user on Fanlist must have a registered account. We require this to prevent abuse and create a better experience for fans and creators. 

An important thing to know is your persona data will not be sold to a 3rd party. We are not driven by advertising revenue, so there's no reason for us to sell user data. 

Your Public Bio

Creating a public bio is part of the fun of Fanlist.

When you engage with a creator fan page, we link your display name to your "bio box", which includes your photo, display name, optional Twitter and Instagram links, and bio text. This helps you showcase who you are the the creator and their community!

Supporting Creators

A big part of the ethos of Fanlist is fans connecting with creators...and showing them support. Whether you're leaving them messages, giving them tips, purchasing their perks, or joining their memberships...this is all welcomed support. 

To track the creators your supporting, simply...

  • Login to your Fanlist dashboard
  • Click "supporting" on the main menu
  • Click "creators" tab

This page shows any fan page you've given a tip, purchased a perk, or joined their membership. 

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