Creating Your Own Fan Page

Creating your own Fanlist fan page is both easy and free. 

Not sure why you'd need one? Well here are some top reasons...

  • Great way to receive audio and text messages
  • Easy to receive money from fans, friends, and family
  • Simple to sell digital goods we call "perks"
  • Make money selling a membership to your premium content

Did we mention fan pages are free to use?

We only earn money when you earn money, and our fees are the lowest in the industry. 

Create Your Fan Page

Every account on Fanlist can create a their own fan page. All you have to do is...

  • Login to your Fanlist dashboard
  • Click "setup my fan page" on the main menu
  • Follow the setup wizard
  • Connect a FREE Stripe account to process credit cards

That's it.

In just a few steps and a few minutes, you'll have your fan page up and running!

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