Membership Overview

Creators offering premium content on their fan page can offer a paid membership to access that content. 

On Fanlist, fans with an active paid membership can access all the premium content hosted on Fanlist. If podcast episodes are included in the fan page membership, each member will also get their own unique RSS feed to consume premium episodes on their preferred podcast player. 

Becoming a Member

To sign up for a paid membership, simply click the "members" tab on a creator fan page if it's available. There, you can read about the membership and browse any content that might be published. 

To sign up, just select one of the available payment options. Each creator on Fanlist and offer any of the payment options we support: monthly, yearly, and one-time payment. 

The Monthly option lets fans pay for a membership subscription on a recurring monthly basis.

The Yearly option lets fans pay for a membership subscription on a recurring yearly basis. Yearly options typically come with a discount to the monthly rate.

The One-Time option lets fans pay just one flat fee for a "lifetime" membership that lasts as long as the creator keeps their membership program active.

Accessing Paid Content

To access paid content, simply bookmark the "members" tab of the fan page. Any premium published content for members will always appear here. 

If the content is podcast episodes, you can also use your unique RSS feed to get that content in your preferred podcast player. To get your unique RSS link, just go to the members tab, and click into the field under "RSS Feed" to copy your RSS link. You can use this unique URL to add to your podcast player. 

New Content Email Notifications

When new content is published, creators can optionally send out an email notification of the new content to all their members. This is useful so members can keep up with all the new premium content. 

If you don't want to receive these email notifications, simply...

  • Login to your Fanlist dashboard
  • Click "account settings" on main menu
  • Click "notifications" tab
  • Toggle off "When new content is released"

This will turn off all notifications around new member content.

Canceling a Subscription

If you have a recurring subscription (monthy or yearly) and wish to cancel your subscription, simply:

  • Go to the creator's fan page
  • Click the "members" tab
  • Under "subscription", click the 3-dot context menu button
  • Select "cancel membership"

Once you cancel your membership, your subscription will officially end at the end of your billing cycle. We do not process any refunds or prorate your membership fees. You'll still be able to access member content until your subscription officially expires.

Refunds and Issues

If you have a issue with your membership or want a refund, you'll have to contact the creator to help resolve the issue. Fanlist is purely a platform creators use to sell memberships and premium content, so we make no guarantees on the promises or accuracy of the membership creators sell on our platform. Unfortunately, we (Fanlist) will not be able to help resolve issues around your membership subscription. 

If you have an issue, you can try contacting the creator to help resolve your issue. Through our payment partner, Stripe, creators can potentially offer refund. But, refunds are totally at the discretion of the creator. Since Fanlist is a creator support platform, we generally believe fans are here to support creators and their "refunds" are not very common on Fanlist. 

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