Add Multiple Inboxes

On Fanlist, you can create multiple inboxes for different purposes. This is sometimes helpful for organizing fan messages.

A simple use case would be creating 1 inbox for listener questions. This might be named "Ask Me Anything". Then, you might want another inbox to receive listener stories, which you might name "Share Your Story". 

Some creators even spin up inboxes to collect fan messages for content for future episodes. Our multiple inboxes feature makes it flexible for various use cases. 

Add an Inbox

In Fanlist, it's very easy to create and manage multiple inboxes. Just do to your Fanlist dashboard, click "page settings" on the main menu, and under "Inboxes", you can click "add inbox" to add an inbox. 

Multiple Inboxes on Your Fan Page

If you have multiple inboxes toggled on, they all appear on the "inbox" tab of your fan page. Fans can simply flip through your inboxes using the "next" button on the fan page. 

Managing Multiple Inboxes

To manage multiple inboxes, just go to your Fanlist dashboard and click "page settings" on the main menu. 

Here, you can easily toggle your inboxes on/off, edit your inboxes, and change the sort order of your inboxes as displayed on your fan page. 

Please note, at least 1 inbox needs to be toggled on at all times. 

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