Customize Your Inbox

With every fan page, we let you receive text or voice messages from your fans. We call this your "inbox", and we offer a lot of options to customize your inbox to suit your needs.

Here's a summary of all the inbox options. 

Inbox Name

Give your inbox a short name to describe a purpose. Some good options are:

  • Leave a Message
  • Ask a Question
  • Share Your Story

It's really up to your imagination on what type of messages you want from your fans. We recommend to keep the name short and put more details in the description below. 

Inbox Description

Here's where you can go into more detail on the types of messages you want. Consider describing the length of messages you prefer, if you plan on using messages in your episodes, etc. 

Allow Text Messages

Use this toggle to allow users to submit text-based messages, along with the standard audio message. 

Make Message Public

Use this toggle to set your message private. By default, messages are public, to help encourage fans to view other messages. This social proof inspires fans to submit their own. 

Show Transcription

By default, we automatically transcribe all audio messages. This makes it easier for you and your fans to scan through all your audio messages. You can use this toggle to turn transcriptions off. 

Welcome Video

Your fans love to see and hear you, so upload a video to personally encourage them to leave a message. 

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