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Add Multiple Inboxes

Create multiple inboxes for different purposes

Add a Perk

Create perks to sell on your fan page

Add an Episode

Adding premium episodes for your members

Announce New Episodes

Send members an email announcement when your episode is published

Canceling a Membership

Manually canceling a membership for any member

Customize Your Inbox

Let fans know what kind of messages you want

Deleting a Fan

Remove a fan from your fan list

Deleting a Perk

Here's our alternative for deleting a perk

Download Your Fan List

Get a CSV file of all your Fanlist fans

Enable Your Chat Room

Activate a chat room on your fan page

Enabling The Tips Feature

How to enable the tips feature on your fan page

Fan List Overview

An overview of building your fan list

Floating Button Widget

Add this as a button on the bottom corner of your website

General Tips

Accept general tips on your fan page

Gifting a Membership

Give a free membership to any fan

Inline Embed Widget

Add this widget directly in a page on your website

Max Length of Audio Messages

This is the length of audio our inboxes support

Members Only Chat Room

Making your chat room exclusive for members only

Members Only Chat Room

Making your chat room for members only

Membership Pricing

Set a custom price for your membership subscription

Message Tips

Accept tips for fan messages in your inbox

Moderating Your Chat Room

Options to moderate fans in your chat room

Overview of Chat Rooms

A brief summary of our chat room feature

Overview of Widgets

Learn about Fanlist widgets you can use on your website

Perk Publish Status

Understanding the publish status of perks

Perk Refunds

Here's how to refund a purchased perk

Perk Templates

Use one of your perk templates for inspiration

Podpage Integration

Add our floating widget on your Podpage website

Popup Trigger Widget

Add this widget as a popup triggered by a button or link

Purchased Perks

How buyers can access their purchased perks

Reply to Messages

Appreciate your fans by replying to their messages

Sell Premium Content

Earn money with your premium content

Set Up Your Membership Offering

Customize the description and pricing for your membership

Setup Podcast Details

Add details for your premium podcast feed

Sync With Mailchimp

Automatically sync your fan list to a Mailchimp audience

Top Supporters

Highlight a leaderboard of your top financial supporters


Check out our tips to get your widget working

Unique RSS Feeds for Members

Every member gets a unique RSS feed

What Are Perks?

Overview of selling perks on your fan page

WordPress Plugin

Install our floating button widget with our WordPress plugin

Fan Page Setup Wizard

Let's start by setting up your fan page!

Sponsors Overview

Use our Sponsors feature to help promote your Sponsors

Activate the Sponsors Tab

Toggle the Sponsors tab on or off on your fan page

Fan Page Settings

Summary of all the fan page options and settings.

Adding Sponsor Ad Units

Easily create Sponsor ad units on your fan page

Customizing the Tabs on Your Fan Page

You can sort the order of your fan page tabs and toggle off any tab

Fan Page Core Features

Summary of core fan page features and settings.

Toggling Ad Units On/Off

Convenient way to showcase seasonal sponsors

Connecting a Stripe Account

Connect a free Stripe account to accept fan payments

Customize Your Fan Page Branding

Let's customize your fan page to reflect your brand!